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Babies in a bucket in the Low country

Updated: Feb 26

Six month baby wearing a full flower bonnet in a pink bucket for a photo shoot.  Backdrop is white piller railings surrounded by pink roses.  Baby is staring at the camera with big blue eyes.

My obsession with putting a baby in a bucket started many years ago.... It is quite popular in the photography world! I really took to it. I think there is something about combining a soft sweet baby with a metal bucket. This sweet girl (above) was photographed in our home studio in Summerville, SC. Her adorable bucket is from Rozzi Rayne and the pink backdrop is from HSD Backdrops. Pink, pink, pink!

Newborn boy sleepingon his arms wearing a cream hat with a cream blanket layer sleepiong in a blue bucket for photo session.  Bucket is from Hello Little Props.
Sleepy newborn in his blue bucket

A newborn baby is not too concerned, as they have no idea what they are sitting in. As long as a newborn baby feels secure, they are content!

However, the 6-7-8 month milestone is usually receptive to a bucket as it allows them to sit up with comfort and support. All depends on their little personality how long they will stay content! In my experience, it only takes a couple of minutes and all their sweet shots are captured in my camera, This rustic looking baby blue bucket is from Hello Little Props.

Baby girl with big smile wearing a pink flower bonnet sitting inside of a big pink bucket, pearls hanging out.
All smiles in her pretty pink bucket

Baby boy with thick dark hair and bright brown eyes smiling while holding his hands up in the air, sitting in a brown bucket with a greay blanket and snowy trees in the background.
"Look mom, no hands!"

Over the years I have collected many buckets, There are several popular photographer venders who offer buckets in different shapes and sizes. One you obtain one, you need more. Or maybe that's just me! This rustic brown bucket was found at a little shop in Amish Country when I was visiting my parents. I am always on the hunt for something unique to incorporate into my photograpy studio work.

The QUEEN of putting a baby in a bucket is one of my photography colleagues Kath V Photography in Australia. She has come to the states to put on photography workshops on several occasions. I was fortunate enough to attend one of her workshops on "Sitters" and I learned somuch. I have been blessed to work with Sitters a lot in my business.

So what are you waiting for?

Bring your baby into our Charleston area home studio for a fabulous time in our studio with your baby! I'm sure I have a bucket to use!!!

XO- Angie


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