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What should your baby wear for their Heirloom Portrait Session?

Heirloom portraits are timeless and classic portraits. As a Southern Tradition, this is a staple that should be proudly framed on your wall.

These photos are usually taken from the waist up. The intention is to capture their childhood, bottle it up in a portrait that will stand the test of time and be passed on with love from generation to generation.

Do you remember your grandparents or parents having prints with the white vignette around them? I sometimes see them in antique stores. They are often in black and white or Sepia. With my love for all things vintage, I am estatic to now be offering a modern twist to heirloom portraits in my Goose Creek Studio, Bella Marie Styled.

Toddler boy in baby blue and white in a white and blue Peter Pan collar shirt for his portrait session.
Three-image Charleston Heirloom Portrait

Babies and children look best in a white or neutral colored top. Baby blue is also an awesome color to incorporate as well as hints or piping of baby pink. A large collar not only adds to the vintage-vibe, but it adds a nice frame around the child's face. Dresses with bishop collars provide this same effect. The photos are captured from the chest up, so you really only see the neck and shoulders. Capturing these Charleston Heirloom Portraits is meant to capture the little details and personality of your child.

Baby girl about 11 months with bright blue eyes smiling with a white background wearing a baby blue smocked dress with a large white collar.
Baby in vintage blue and white heirloom dress.

The simplicity of these sessions allows

your child to shine.

Many parents choose to bring one of their favorite smocked dresses or bubble suits for their little one.

These darling outfits and rompers can be found in local Children's Boutiques or online. If booking with Bella Marie Styled, LLC we will help you by offering suggestions on wardrobe or offering the use of heirloom clothing from our Client Wardrobe. We will soon be partnering with Tweedle Beedle in Summerville, SC for an Heirloom Portrait event in May, 2024. I am looking forward to meeting new families in this darling little shoppe located in the Nexton Shopping Center. Details and date coming soon!

Toddler girl with pale skin and bright blue eyes, curly blonde hair tilting her head for headshot portrait.  She is weiaring a classic white dress with Peter Pan collar.
Charleston Heirloom Portrait for age 4

Looking forward to hearing from you! Let's get your child's portrait session booked. All you have to do is show up and we will do the rest. Contact me here.

XO- Angie


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