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What is the best age to photograph during Baby's first year?

For me, it's the Sitter Session!

baby boy lying on his stomache smiling at the camers wearing suspender shorts and a taupe drivers cap on a gray background.
Half Birthday Milestone

What is a Sitter Session?

Sitter Session is a common term used amongst photographers. It refers to babies ages 6-10 months. Some also call it the 6-month half birthday. When babies reach the "sitting milestone" they are usually so excited. After 6-months of lying on their back they are finally able to see the world sitting up! And able to accomplish this on their own.

Baby girl sitting on a gray backdrop wearing a baby blue dress with big bow and a bonnet looking sideways at a blue butterfly.
Curiosity_catches the butterfly

Another amazing quality of the Sitter Session Milestone is that babies have usually not developed "stranger danger" While they are comfortable in the studio with their parent close by, they usually take to me quickly with smiles! To ease the comfort of the baby, their parents and I chat before the session begins while we look through the darling outfits that baby gets to wear for their session. Sometimes the baby crawls right into my lap! At this precious young age, they usually are more open to strangers, especially if they see unfamiliar faces on a regular basis.

Baby girl lying on her back with her little hands holding her toes in the air smiling at the camera.  She is wearing a peach romper with a floral backdrop in the background.
Twinkling eyes and grabbing her toes

Baby boy with thick curly black hair and big brown eyes sitting on a fur rug in a white romper with a light blue backdrop.
Baby boy's half-birthday

When to book baby's photo session?

Call to book ahead in order to get a spot on the calendar, when baby is 4-5 months old. I usually book the Sitters between 6-7 months and we confirm that baby is able to sit up unassisted 1-2 weeks before that session date. Some babies sit up later than others, and that is ok. We move the session down 3-4 weeks. Also, a baby will change their nap schedule during that first year, so the time of the session has to be flexible. Here at Bella Marie Styled studio in Goose Creek, SC we only have one client a day, so the session time is flexible to offer the best outcome for the baby's photo session.

Smiling six-month baby lying on her belly smiling at the camera with a lavender backdrop behind her and a floral halo on her head.
Big smile for the camera!!

What else to expect for the Sitter Session

Not only do we capture baby sitting up, but also on their tummy, on their back, biting their toes or sucking their thumb. Such sweet little details are so very special to parents, grandparents and will be cherished for years to come. Babies can sometimes "plank" and maybe crawl. However, they are usually not as fast as a 1 year old for their photo session. (Another reason I adore this age----- no chasing the run-away baby!)

What to bring to a baby's photo session here in Goose Creek.....

Clients who book with us at Bella Marie Styled Photography only have to bring the baby and the diaper bag! Babies should come dressed in an easy-to-remove pajama romper -- nothing that goes over the baby's head. Remember-- we want to keep Baby at their HAPPIEST! We can most always get baby into 2 outfits, sometimes 3. All the sweet little outfits are supplied by us at Bella Marie Styled, including hair accessories, hats and bonnets.

The diaper bag should have extra diapers, bottle or sippy cup, and pacifiers if baby uses them. At this age, many babies are teething and a teether or pacifier is helpful in between sets and outfits. Breast feeding of course is always embraced as this is not only nourishment but also a comfort to the baby.

Baby girl with bright blue eyes, lying on a purple backdrop with her thumb in her mouth.  She is wearing a pink floral bonnet with a big lace bow at her neck.
A thumb well-loved

Baby boy with thick dark hair sitting on a boho style bed, grabbing his toes and smiling, wearing a blue top and shorts.
Touch your toes!

Have you booked your Sitter Session yet?

I do not suggest missing out on this fantastic milestone photo session! Feel free to send us an email with any questions you may have.

XO - Angie


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