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Sugar Plum Fairy Session in Charleston, SC

Updated: Feb 23

Creating a sugarplum fairy-themed setup for a little girl at Christmas time can be a magical and enchanting experience. It is one of my favorite set ups to date! (I know I always say this....)

Young gir with long brown hair in a pink dress and white bonnet with snowflakes, twirling in front of a pink and blue candy shop.
Sugar Plum Fairy Summervlle, SC

1. Choose a Location: Select a suitable area in your home where you can set up the sugarplum fairy-themed decorations. It could be a corner of the living room, a dedicated playroom, or even the little girl's bedroom.

2. Color Scheme: Opt for a color scheme that revolves around shades of pink, purple, and silver. These colors will help create a whimsical and fairy-like atmosphere.

3. Decorations:

   - Christmas Tree: Start by setting up a Christmas tree as the centerpiece of the setup. Choose a pink or white artificial tree to match the theme. Decorate it with fairy lights, pink and silver ornaments, and delicate tulle or organza ribbons.

   - Fairy Lights: Hang fairy lights around the room to create a magical ambiance. You can drape them along the walls, around windows, or even across the ceiling.

   - Tulle and Ribbons: Use tulle or organza fabric in shades of pink and purple to create a dreamy backdrop. Hang it behind the Christmas tree or drape it along the walls. Add ribbons in various sizes and colors to enhance the fairy-like atmosphere.

   - Snowflakes and Stars: Hang paper snowflakes and glittery stars from the ceiling or attach them to the walls. These will add a touch of sparkle and make the setup feel more festive.

   - Sugarplum Fairy Decorations: Look for sugarplum fairy-themed ornaments, figurines, and decorations. These can include fairy wings, tutus, wands, and ballet slippers. Place them on shelves, tables, or even hang them from the Christmas tree. Hobby Lobby has a ton!

   - Pink Dress Display: Find a mannequin or dress form to display a beautiful pink dress. You can place it near the Christmas tree or in a prominent spot within the setup. Add fairy lights or tulle around the dress for an extra touch of magic. My little lady is wearing a dress from one of my favorite designers, Anna Triant Couture.

10 year old girl with long brown hair and bangs and rosey cheeks in a pink dress holding a purple star prop in front of a colorful blue and pink Christmas House.
Christmas at Clara's Sugar Plum House

Little girl with long brown hair in a long pink gown holding a giant lollipop in front of a candy store.
Clara's Candy Shoppe

4. Soft Furnishings:

   - Pillows and Cushions: Use pink and purple pillows and cushions to create a cozy seating area. Arrange them on the floor or on a small sofa or chair.

   - Fairy-themed Bedding: If the setup is in the little girl's bedroom, consider using fairy-themed bedding with sugarplum fairy designs. This will tie the theme together and create a cohesive look.

Do you have a baby turning ONE?

Little baby sitting in a pink and blue puffy dress holding pnk corron candy  with pink and blue candy surrounding her.  First birthday sugar plum fairy session.
First Birthday Sugar Plum Fairy Photoshoot

Baby African American girl in white boho outfit holding a pink candy standing on white snow floor surrounded by glittery Christmas trees and candy cakes for first birthday photoshoot in Charleston.
Sugar Plum Fairy turns ONE!

5. Additional Touches:

- Cakes, candies and more cakes! I really love my Sugar Props from the talented Patty at PKP Props and Decor! Patty's online store sources pretties from all over & Bella Marie Styled has stocked our Summerville Photo Studio with lots of her goodies!

   - Music: Play soft and enchanting music in the background, such as classical ballet tunes or holiday songs.

   - Scented Candles: Light scented candles with sweet and fruity fragrances to add an extra sensory element to the setup. I orefer to use the waxes in the wa burners.

   - Fairy Wings and Accessories: Provide the little girl with her own set of fairy wings, a wand, and a tiara. This will allow her to fully immerse herself in the sugarplum fairy theme.

Baby girl with thick dark hair n white boho outfit sitting in front of a large white and purple cake for cake smash session.  Her legs and hands are covered in cake, sugar plum snow and candy in background.
Sugar Plum Fairy Cake Smash Session Charleston, SC

Remember to prioritize safety when setting up the decorations, especially if there are young children around. Ensure that all electrical cords are properly secured and out of reach, and avoid using open flames if there are flammable materials nearby. With these steps, you can create a magical sugarplum fairy setup that will delight any little girl during the Christmas season.

Have you booked your little girl's Sugar Plum Fairy Session?

Xx -Angie


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