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Charleston, SC Heirloom Photo Pop-Up Event

Updated: 3 days ago

What exactly is a pop-up event you ask?

I was curious as well. In the photography world, this is when we pack up all our equipment, props, etc from the homebase studio and set up in a new location. This is a temporary set up; it can be a one-day event, a weekend event, or sometimes a week or month-long exibit. The goal is to showcase a photographer's artwork or for customers to experience working with that photographer.

Woman wearing Lilly Pulitzer blue sailboat dress holding a three-image framed portrait of toddler girl, cream mat and ivory frame.
Three image matted heirloom framed art

These Pop-up Events can take place in non-traditional venues such as vacant storefronts, outdoor spaces or temporary installations. For a more intimate setting, a client can host a photographer in their home and invite their friends to come and experience a photography service, usually with a special theme or focus.

I recently partnered with a local upscale children's boutique Tweedle Beedle in Summerville, SC. When I walk into Tweedle Beedle, I smile..... Beautifully lit and full of soft color pallets ~ baby and children's clothing, soft stuffed animals, books, toys, strollers, etc.... All happy things for baby! It takes me back to my favorite boutiques to shop when my children little.

Image of children's boutique with baby clothing along the wall.
Tweedle Beedle, Nexton Square
Little wooden and canvas toy sailboat
Every boy needs a sailboat

sage green and cream octopus at Tweedle Beedle
Softest stuffed octopus

I was so excited to partner with Tweedle Beedle as the Heirloom Portraiture attracts the same clientelle. We collaborated and advertised on social media and in the store. Clients had to pre-book their spot. I did not want to treat this as a "mini" session per se, with tons of people in and out, but rather a small and intimite group of parnets, all booked at separate times so that if a child needed more time, I could allow for that.

Parents and photographer capturing smiles from 6 month baby boy
Heirloom Pop Up in Summerville, SC

Parents were encouraged to shop for a beautiful heirloom outfit in the boutique befor their session. Or they could bring a special outfit from home.

Heirloom Portraits are meant to be printed and displayed in the home. They are timeless and capture the sweet personalities of a child. I cannot wait to deliver the beautiful prints in mats and or frames and keepsake boxes!

Toddler girl age 2 with light blonde hair and blue eyes in white collared shirt and white bow.
Summerville toddler girl's heirloom portrait

Heirloom portrait of a toddler boy in large white collar
Beautiful boy's portrait

Silver frame with white mat containing 3 black and white images of toddler boy
Three image matted heirloom portrait

We look forward to holding another Heirloom Portrait Event!

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