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Charleston Child on the cover of magazine

We are excited to announce that we received a feature on the cover of the March 2024 First Blooms issue of Child Couture Magazine. Editorial style photography has always held a special place in my heart. As a young girl, I had magazine covers all over the walls of my room; magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaare. Now I have a astack of editorials that feature my work, which certainly feels like a small accomplishment. We all want to feel acknowledged and appreciated.

But more importantly, I love how it makes my daughter feel.

Preteen girl with long dark hair on the cover of a magazine.  She is wearing a short poofy green dress with high neck and purple flowers in her hands and in her hair.

Studies have actually shown that seeing thier photos framed in their home can actually boost a child's self-esteem. Whether it is a solo portrait or family photos, children can see themselves as valued members of their family. This can provide a sense of belonging and gives them a stronger sense of their own worth. Aside from the toucy-feeling aspect, I love creating stylized shoots with my daughter! Her dress is designed and made by Adrianna Ostrowska in Poland. Her style is very editorial and her work is shown at fashion shows. This dress spoke to me.... I love all things green and the bow and high neck.... chef's kiss. Her gorgeous floral headpiece is created by Wirginta Creations. I love her and her designs.

Young girl with long brown hair looking serious, wearing a textured long sleeve dress with flowers and a high neck.

Young girl with long brown hair in a green dress with Spring flowers in her hair and all around.

As a child photographer I encourage all my clients to print, print, print. Get those photos off the phones and computers and onto the walls or in frames in the home. This image above is my current favorite and I ordered it in an acryllic wall art.

This was the first time using my Spring backdrop by Fancy Fabrics and Props The beautiful purples complimented my green dress. Win win. I appreciate the constant creation of beautiful backdrops created by the Fancy Fabric team- they add so much to my business and creative sets.

Follow me on Instagram or on Facebook - I have a second Instagram account dedicated to my artistic creative sets - you can follow it here.

Have a great day and get those images printed for your home!



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